[IEEE J. Electron Devices] Free-standing CNT film emitter에 관한 연구 게재

2022-07-19 19:00

IEEE J. Electron Devices 저널에 Free-standing CNT film emitter에 관한 연구 게재


The carbon nanotube (CNT) field emitter was fabricated using a thin free-standing CNT
film, indicating a line-shape CNT field emitter. Field emission properties of the CNT field emitter were
investigated in both diode and triode configurations. The CNT field emitter showed a low turn-on electric
field of 1.8 V/μm and a high emission current of 40.3 mA, corresponding to the emission current density
of 96 A/cm2 in the diode configuration. It also exhibited a high anode current of 40 mA, corresponding
to the anode current density of 95.2 A/cm2 in the triode configuration. In addition, the CNT field emitter
showed a good electron beam transmittance of 86.4% and excellent emission stability without degradation
for 15 h. The main reason for the high performance of our CNT field emitter is caused by the high
density of emission sites at the edge of the CNT film.

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