Our research is to find out the new properties from the nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, Di-chalcogenide and ZnO nanowires. We are investigating field emission properties from nanomaterias and also studying field emission applications such as lamps, x-ray sources and THz wave generators. Our research on field emission will open new area for vacuum nanoelectronics. Our one more interest is to realize flexible electronics using nanomaterials. More exactly, we are studying flexible transparent CNT-TFTs and flexilble transparent electrodes using carbon nanotubes, graphene and semiconducing nanowires. Current silicon and glass substrates based electronics will be substituted by the plastic or paper based flexible electronics in the near future. We want to contribute to human’s life and the earth environments through our research work such as nanomaterials, vacuum nanoelectronics and flexible electronics.