What is CNT?

Recently, new physical properties reported in the nano scale structures. Nano-sciences have great potential in various research areas such as madicine, environment, energy, and etc. CNT has been great spotlight because of great potential of business and new physical properties in nanostructures.
After Kroto and Smalley reported the Fullerene (C60) in 1985, Iijima, who worked in NEC, reported CNT in nature in 1991. CNT is a hexagonal structures with sp2 hybridization and several nanometer. Ebbesen and Ajayan reported CNT yield depending on Helium pressure in 1992. Bethune (IBM) and Iijima (NEC) reported SWNT synthesis using the arc discharge in 1993, and Smally reported a bundle SWNT (rope nanotube) using the laser ablation in 1996.
Ren reported high purity vertically aligned CNT synthesis using the plasma CVD on the glass substrates in 1998. After their frontier research, many interesting CNT researches have been reported recently both synthesis and devices.