Future Prospect

It has been much progress since Iijima discovered the carbon nanotubes in 1991. There are large advancements in large synthesis methods, purification methods, the synthesis methods of SWNTs and MWNTs, the vertical synthesis methods and the insertion methods of different materials after deleting the end-caps. However, much research of carbon nanotubes synthesis and applications is required because of the characteristics of complexities, varieties and minuteness of nanosystems. Carbon nanotube synthesis has many problems to be solved in not only the current technologies, but also the structures, structure controls, large area synthesis, and low temperature synthesis technologies of carbon nanotubes since the transitions from electric arc discharge methods and laser depositions to CVD methods in 1998.
Many scholars confirmed theoretically and experimentally that carbon nanotubes have the excellent mechanical and electrical properties. It is expected that much progress will be the application research of carbon nanotubes such as the applications of emitters and displays, secondary batteries and fuel cell batteries, the nano-devices and nano-systems, and high technical complexities because of the excellent properties of carbon nanotubes.
Especially, it is anticipated that the activation of the synthesis and application research of carbon nanotubes contributes the technological advancements of next generation plane displays through the rapid developments of the high technological electronic communication industries.
There are many undeveloped research areas of carbon nanotubes even though one and more journal papers about carbon nanotubes are published and much research is in progress in carbon nanotube research.
It is anticipated that we will have the international competitiveness in the carbon nanotube synthesis and application research if we concentrate our research into the carbon nanotube research areas because the research groups of foreign countries are in just early stages in carbon nanotube research.